Estimation of Massey Ferguson Tractors Life and Repair Information

In order to reach the suitable and effective performance of farm machines, on time agricultural operations is important. Also, using human resources productively and its productive enhancement needs appropriate planning. In the current study, the life and repair distribution functions of three tractors were estimated, and then, the necessary number of repairmen was determined in such a way that supplies the minimum waiting time to repair in one hand, and maximum human productivity is obtained in the other hand.


In order to obtain suitable and effective farm machinery performance besides higher crop yield, on time farm machinery field operations, are essential. 

1. However, farm tractors stop due to break downs and it is desired that they repaired on a minimum time and back to farms. Farm machinery costs are divided into two categories, i.e. owning or fixed costs and operating or variable costs Morris.

2. The cost of farm machinery repair and maintenance can contribute to most of the farm machinery operational costs (after fuel) which can be reached to 15-60% of total crop production costs Mobley.

3. Having an effective repair and maintenance program, the costs of machinery maintenance and failures will be reduced to an optimum point.

4. By gathering machinery failures data on the farms, the failures distribution function can be estimated well and then some important issues such as machinery reliability and energy failures can be predicted.

5. Weibull functions with wider applications can be descending, ascending or constant based on the function parameters.

Materials and methods

This study was conducted in 8 months from spring to autumn 2016 in Fars province, Iran. The data related to the life of three tractors were gathered. The tractors were MF285 and MF399 having a life of 5100hr at the time of the study. The MF tractors were chosen since this tractor is the most common tractor in Iran while MF285 is more available. Thus, we consider the condition of the study when two MF285 and one MF399 are available. The data of tractor repair times were gathered from a local repair center where the data was recorded. The life and repair data of around 1100hr were gathered representing that when and why each tractor was broken down and how much time was taken to be repaired.


Most studies have focused on the estimation of tractors repair and maintenance costs, not estimation of required repairmen for tractors to minimize tractors downtime. This is the first study on the investigation of the required number of repairmen for Massey Ferguson tractors in Iran in order to minimize costs of repair and waiting time to repairs. The results showed that the best function for life and repair of tractors were Exponential and 2-parameter Weibull distribution function, respectively. Monte-Carlo simulation suggested that two repairmen should be employed if minimum cost besides minimum waiting time is critical. Although only the calculations related to the costs have been shown here, the reduction on the waiting times leads to the one-time farm

How to correct Massey Ferguson repair issues

Eg a 67 MF-135, gas, z134. I have an issue:
When I am mowing (6ft Land Pride), the tractor runs fine for about 15 minutes then it starts to cut out and will die. It used to be about 30-45 min, but the time is getting shorter and shorter of good run time. When it starts to cut out, if I push in on the clutch so the tractor is only running the mower and no longer moving, then it stops cutting out and powers the mower smoothly. If it happens to be starting to cut out and then I go down a slight hill to where the tractor doesn't have to work to go forward, then the cutting out stops. It did this with my "old" gas tank and with the new one that I just installed. Any ideas on what I can start tinkering with or checking?
To keep running, you need 3 things. Fuel, ignition, and air. That being said, air is probably the least of the worries.

A few troubleshooting ideas. Try running with the fuel cap lose. This eliminates a tank venting issue. Check for fuel flow. Take off the fuel line at the carb and check flow. (This is my guess for trouble). Make sure to clean the screen in the bowl if so equipped.
But this may not be the full information. You just need a repair file or book to understand the basic or complete information regarding the issue and how to repair or fix it. Lots of online methods are available for it is the best source for the repair of any issue of the machine

If your tractor experiences any of these problems…..

Shaking hydraulics:- A common problem with the hydraulic lift on the Massey Ferguson is when the lift arms begin to judder. 

Weak lift:- Pull the right side access plate, engage the pot and start the engine. UNDER NO CONDITION PLACE YOUR HANDS INTO THE HYDRAULIC COMPARTMENT WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING

Erratic control when using the Draft system:-
- First, lower the position control to get the implement at the depth you want it to be working at. Depending upon implement and terrain type, you may need to be moving to get things at the depth you want to work at.
- Then while stopped and watching the implement (you may need to back up a tiny bit to get the implement disengaged from the ground), slowly move the draft handle up until the implement starts to slightly move up.

Noisy pump:- This is quite a common noise from MF hydraulics...9 times out of 10 there is nothing to worry about as it is caused by the drive gears to the hydraulic pump working under pressure when the hydraulic pump is under's known as Henderson Knock.

Repair information must be focused on

• Animated diagrams of the system components
• Troubleshooting the fault
• Safely remove the hydraulic top cover
• Remove, assess and repair the pump and valve
• Control valve replacement
• Refurbish the cross shaft
• Remove and adjust the draft control spring
• Replace the rubber cover on the draft control spring
• Assess and set the position and draft control linkages
• Set linkage arm drop rate
• Set safe transport height
• Set quadrant levers