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Big-manuals.com provides you all kinds of workshop repair manuals. In this era everyone has his own choice in selecting the sources. Someone prefer a digital file to save time. In the other way if a person is not a tech-savvy he needs a book to learn and someone prefer a storage media like Cd/DVD which we provide specially on demand.

 We provide all these methods for the manuals whether its book, cd or DVD or a pdf file. kindly directly email us biggmanual@gmail.com for ordering book, Cd/DVD. For download the pdf you can directly order by just clicking add to cart. We accept all terms of payment. We value your time more than ours.

Big-manuals is the cheapest source for your all kinds of repair requirements. You don't need to waste so much money over expensive websites. We provides you the best service direct after market factory repair workshop manuals. We provides special discount for our old and new customers. If you are eco-friendly we will advise you to consider download option but if you are not tech savvy we will happily provide you the book or storage media.

Our main aim is to provide the best and fastest service to save your time and money over expensive websites. After the order you will get the instant download depending on the manual. If you are unable to find out the manual then not to worry. We are available 24*7 to help you out to provide you the right link. Regarding any questions and any queries you can directly email us at  biggmanual@gmail.com . If your vehicle/machine needs repair and you don't have time to go for mechanic you can easily repair your own vehicle/machinery just follow the simple and precise steps in the manual.   

 Our main motive is to provide you the best service regarding repairing. You don't need to depend on any mechanic for the repair. PDF Files contains- instant Download (sometimes it may takes up to 1-2 hours depends on the manual) you will directly get the manual after your payment. If your file has been damaged or you have lost it we will again provide you the free link. In case of unavailability or any issue regarding the manual we will provide you there is ten days refund policy. All pages are printable of the manual bookmarks and index available for instant search. These manuals are compatible with Windows/mac/android or any other systems. We have availability of thousand of manuals. Email us biggmanual@gmail.com at  about any manual and we will beat everyone's  price.